Volunteers, your bemmylanterns team needs

We’re a short 7 weeks away from the start of the Lantern Parade, but there’s a long way to go before we’re all set.

We need brains and brawn on the day to help us make the event run smoothly, because the #bemmylanterns team is actually very small, and we just can’t do it all ourselves.

In return for donating some of your time, you’ll get major good vibes of doing something awesome and doing this sort of thing can be ace for CVs and Uni applications as well. 

What do you need?

Glad you asked.  We’ve got a few areas that need help on the day.  If you are free for the whole afternoon or only for an hour or so, we would love your help. 

Road Stewards

To make sure we manage the people and the roads safely, we need volunteer stewards.  The parade is going to be bigger again this year, so we needed 70 stewards.  50 lovely people have offered their services so far, but we still need another 20, or we’ll be in diffs.

Event runners

We need 3 superheroes to help us with practical parts of the show.  1 to help Malcolm, who co-ordinates the setting off of all the different groups into the parade at the beginning, 1 to help Stef who is the big boss of the end of the show up at Compass Point, and 1 to help Jazz manage the musicians across the route.  

Bucket Collectors

One of the key ways we raise the money to make this happen is a crack squad of ninjas who zoom through the crowd with buckets for the joyous public to chuck their spare dosh in.  We need about 10 Bucket Ninjas to have us in with a chance of raising the money we need.

Roadies and riggers

If you fancy a bit of a workout, we need people to help with the technical management of the finale at Compass Point. 

If any of these spots spark your interest, give us a shout via email at info@bwlp.org.uk, or hit us up through our Facebook page.

Parade day confirmed!

If you haven’t heard already, we’ve got our Parade day nailed down. Whatever you are doing on Saturday 11 January 2020 – clear your diaries! Cancel your appointments and get ready for another corking Parade.

You can keep up to date with the latest developments through the Facebook event or catching up with us on our Facebook page.

And the 2019 project starts!

Ohmigosh! The Lantern Parade project has properly kicked off now!

Our artists have started working with the schools and local groups on the build projects and we’ve had our first community workshop at the Windmill Hill City Farm.

I can’t wait to see how they turn out…and we don’t have all that long to wait!

We also still need donations, so if you have a couple of quid going spare, please do consider chucking it in the bucket!

Local cat donates to bemmylanterns

It’s not the kind of news you hear every day, but our cat-infused plea for funds must have resonated with a local feline and its owner.

Tom Hinton’s Cat, our first ever animal sponsor, along with his owner local resident Tom Hinton made a personal donation to this year’s Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade Project.

We’re really grateful to our four legged supporter for helping us get nearer our fundraising goal. But we’re still need your help.

Do you have a philanthropic hamster? Or perhaps a generous beagle? Your furry, scaly or fishy companions can easily donate by PayPal through the Community Lanterns Fund page or the nifty button below.

Thanks again, Tom and Cat. You are really Incredible Supporters!

Thank you to the 2019 project Sponsors

As you know from a certain person’s endless messaging on the old social media, the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade only goes ahead thanks to the generosity and support of the community and local businesses. And while the #bemmylanterns committee hasn’t quite hit the fundraising target yet, we are well on our way.

This is thanks to the freaking brilliant local businesses that have decided to support us for this year’s project. We simply couldn’t do it without them.

We’re welcoming back some old friends and are super pleased to say hello to some great new sponsors and supporters.

If you want to find out a bit more about them and the cool things they do, take a look at the 2019 Sponsors page. And don’t forget, we are still looking for support, so if you are a business and fancy giving us a helping hand, why not sponsor us? And if you are a kind individual who would like to chuck some money in the PayPal e-bucket we’d really appreciate your contribution.

We’re going for it!

Super exciting news, everybody! On our meeting this Tuesday we looked at the numbers and even though we haven’t met our fundraising target yet, we have had such overwhelming support and demand from the community that we are going to go ahead with the #bemmylanterns project this year.

This means that the three month lantern making programme in local primary schools and community centres will begin across BS3 in autumn. 

Committee Chair Malcolm Brammar said that the efforts to get more funding will need to continue throughout the year but the creative team can now be recruited and the operational planning of the event started.

Good news, but we still need your help

We’re still a way off our fundraising target, so please donate some money to the Community Lantern Fund and help us ensure we make it.

Lets do this, Lanter Friends!

love from the #bemmylanterns team

Please donate to keep us going

Hello you lovely lot! It’s summer (allegedly) so naturally the #bemmylanterns team is thinking about winter and, more specifically, the 2019 Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade Project.

As with every year, we have a big challenge facing us: raising the money we need to put the project on. And this year is a biggie.

If we’re going to make it, we need to raise £8,000.

Please help us get there – donate to the Community Lanterns Fund .

Click on the kitty to donate via PayPal

We have set up the Community Lanterns Fund, a super-easy PayPal way for you lovely people in the community to show your support. You can choose as little or as much as you would like and kapow! your donation is in. Technology is truly a marvellous thing….

To donate, just click on the nifty PayPal button below or, if kittens are more your thing, click a kitten.

That’s it. Help us reach our goal, so we can put on another amazing Parade for you all.

Love from the #bemmylanterns team x

Its so easy, just click on the kitty, donate via PayPal, and we’re done!

Thank you from the Bemmylanterns committee

The Bemmylanterns committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants – the primary schools and local community groups, BS3 traders, politicians and musicians who came together in yesterday’s stunning Parade.

Without our volunteers, assistance from local institutions and financial support drawn from the area there would be no annual Winter Lantern Parade.

Once again the event showed people who live and work in BS3 choose each year to celebrate that ours is a community with pride, personality and creative flair.

Malcolm Brammar

Chair, Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade

Today’s pre-Parade entertainment is confirmed

Are you looking forward to this afternoon?  Are you prepared for all the glorious shiny goodness that you’re going to feast your eyes upon?

We’re not just dishing up visual treats for you lucky, lucky people.  We’re also serving you some top-notch pre-Parade musical realness, to really make your day pop!

But who, what and where are the big questions.  Read on, my friends, read on.

The delightful Southville Strings will be playing at the junction of North St/Raleigh Road from 430pm.  This wonderful group plays every Monday at the Hen & Chicken 7-8pm and always welcome new violin players.  Interested?  Just drop Vivienne Baker an email viviennefbaker@gmail.com 

Get down to the Roundabout by North Street Green and Luckwell Road at 5pm to get a load of Campbell’s One Man Rock ‘n’ Roll Band. If you want to find out more about Simon Campbell, check out the website  or drop a line at  info@thequarterturns.com

Shimmy on down to the The African Sambistas(@AfricanSambista), who’ll be turning heads outside the Old Bookshop from 5pm

Why not sample some of the creative work by  Amy from the Woods?  She’ll be outside the Steam Crane from 5pm.

And last, but not least, George Hickey (@georgehickeymusic, @abristolbard) is playing outside Hunters Estate Agents opposite HSBC on Junction of Cannon Street and West Street from 5pm.

So choose your spot wisely, and get on down for some splendid music while you wait for the fun to start.

See you very, very soon!

Love from the #bemmylanterns team x

It’s showtime! And here’s what you need to know about the reschedule

You might have seen that the road closure boards are going up again around the route – the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade is on!

The big day is Saturday 19th January 2019, and it will be exactly as you expect with 1 small, teeny-tiny difference: we’re changing the start time of the event.

We’re pushing back the whole thing by 1 hour.

Why are you doing that?

Good question.  The reason for the later start is because we’ve passed mid-winter already, so the evenings are getting lighter, and we want to make sure all the amazing lanterns look their absolute best.

So what are the new times for the Parade?

Road closures will start at 4pm, with the on-street entertainment starting at about 5pm.

The Parade itself will start at 530pm, following the usual route, and the fireworks will be set off at about 7pm.

You can read the full updated event information when you have a moment, but in the meantime make sure you’ve changed the time in your phone, diary or on you wall calendar.

Love from the #bemmylanterns team