And we have a winner for the Great Lantern Poster Competition!

You know that Bedminster is home to many creative artists, but did you know just how talented the young people of Bedminster are?

Children from Ashton Vale, Compass Point, Holy Cross, Luckwell, Parson Street, Southville and Victoria Park Primary Schools took part in the Great Lantern Poster Competition, using all their creative skills to come up with pictures that really embodied the Parade.

There were so many wonderful entries that it was a really difficult job for the judges to pick a winner from each school, and even more difficult to pick an overall winner.

After a big struggle, the judges finally went for the gorgeous picture created by image by Hafsa K from Victoria Park School.  Well done Hafsa!

Hafsa’s picture is the centrepiece of the 2014 Winter Lantern Poster, which you’ll shortly see around and about Bedminster, but you can have a sneak peak at the poster in all its glory below, as well as the other winners from each school

Well done and thank you to all the amazing children who took part.  You are all shining stars!


Hafsa’s winning design in the poster



And here are the winners from each school – fantastic work all round!


Ashton Vale’s winner

Ashton Vale's winner


Compass Point’s winner

Compass Point's winner


Luckwell’s winner

Luckwell's winner


Holy Cross’s winner

Holy Cross's winner


Parson Street’s winner

Parson Street's winner


Southville’s winner

 Southville's winner


Victoria Park’s winner

Victoria Park's winner



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