Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade 2014 – the last word(s)

“absolutely outstanding event and we loved every minute of being involved”


“I hadn’t been to it before and enjoyed it enormously.  There was such a lovely community spirit”


“Everyone had a great time and we would be delighted to be part of it again.” 


“Congratulations to you and all involved on such a successful and great event, the lanterns and the crowds were amazing. “


“Not everyone can establish a whole new tradition in a city, but you have.”


Just a selection of the comments sent via email – there were loads more on Twitter and Facebook –  following last weekend’s Parade!


Huge thanks all round

Firstly, let me pay enormous thanks to the small team that was behind the organisation of what has now become one of south Bristol’s most popular annual community events.

There are only just over a dozen people who work voluntarily across the year to both raise the funding and then bring the event to the streets of Bedminster on a Saturday in December. That number is swelled on the actual day by about 40 more volunteers who assist with the lanterns assembly and  Parade formation plus ensure the route is safe for the hundreds of local people of every age taking part in the Parade.

To all of them, thanks for giving up your time.

Secondly, let me pay tribute to the commitment and creative energy from our artists and all the local primary schools and community groups who provided such a magnificent array of stunning lanterns this year. Each year, we seem to turn out such a greater colourful spectacle on Bedminster’s streets, but it’s worth pointing out that what you see is actually the work of several months of creative endeavour.

So thank you to all our Bedminster lantern makers.

Thirdly, a big thanks to our musicians who entertained the thousands of people watching as well as those taking part in the Parade. Once again Bristol Samba set the pace from the front, the Ambling Band jazzed it from the middle and this year the sound of Bhangra from the Dohl Drummers kept it moving until the end.

Finally, we must thank our key sponsors for making this year’s event a reality. Without the support of Bristol City Council, the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership, Bedminster Town Team, Andrews Estate Agents, Kwikmove, Ocean Estate Agents and the Hungry Caterpillar Play Cafe, this year’s event would not have happened.

Other members of our community have also helped financially and we thank them too for their contributions.


A lovely reminder of the Parade

You’ve probably all got your own photographic collections of this year’s Parade, so do feel free to share them, either by posting them up on the Bedminster Winter Lanterns Facebook group, or by emailing them to us at

We also asked local photographer Chris Dean to capture some pictures for us, as we knew we’d all be too busy making sure the event ran smoothly. so please take a look and enjoy some wonderful pictures of the event.


That’s it for 2014

We hope you enjoyed this year’s Parade, the biggest and most popular yet. Remember it may only appear on the streets on a cold Saturday afternoon in December but it takes most of the year to prepare.


Will there be one in 2015?

NO decision yet but keep following us on social media and checking back on this website.  If you want to help make it happen, get in touch!


Malcolm Brammar
Jt Chair BWL

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