Get that Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade date in your diary

Some days you get the bad news and you feel pretty rubbish – that was us on 10th December.

Man, that was a bad day.

And then, some days you get good news.

When we were able to tell you all that the 2016 Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade was going to go ahead on its new date – Saturday 21st January 2017 – we felt a bit like our friend Kermit here.  A lot like him, actually!

So now that Christmas has just about finished, and before we all go cake-tin-crazy over New Year, I wanted to remind you all to get the date in your diary, because it would be rubbish if you missed out!

Everything else about the day will stay the same, including timings and entertainments etc, but do make sure you keep up to date with any new info by coming back here, going to the Facebook group, or joining the super duper rescheduled Facebook event.

Have a lovely New Year, everybody, and see you all on the other side!

Love from the #bemmylanterns team


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