Exciting Route News!

“We are at the start of the Parade.

The street is full of people, young and old, who have worked hard for the last few months on creating the amazing lanterns that will shortly be carried around the streets of Bedminster in a carnival of light and sound.

The hum of excited chattering and the rustle of shuffling feet is punctuated by the sharp beats of the Samba band drums as they warm up for their big winter performance.

The marshals are in place, ready to guide the assembled throng safely along the roads, and the lead car is shining like a beacon and is ready to roll.

One by one the lanterns are lit and hoisted in the air…and off we go along a brand new route!”

Over the past few years the Parade has grown, both in size and in the huge amount of support from across the community in Bedminster.  

This year we are celebrating Bedminster community spirit by taking the Parade even further than before:

  • Starting at the St Francis Road end of North Street, the Parade will take in the whole of North Street and Cannon Street and down into East Street
  • We’ll continue down East Street until we get to Little Paradise/Church Lane, where we will loop back up East Street. 
  • From there we will amble up British Road and finish up, as ever, at South St Park 

So get your dancing shoes on and join us for what promises to be a fabulous shining journey through the streets of Bedminster to the beats of the spectacular Bristol Samba Band and the wonderful brasswork of the Ambling Band.

All you need to do is find yourself the perfect pitch along the route so you can see the splendid creations as they float past!



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