The hard work continues

The hard work continues to raise the funds and organise this year’s Parade which will take place on Saturday 7 December, leaving South Street Park at dusk.   Street marshalls and bucket collectors are needed to walk with the Parade.  Last year we raised a vital £500 with the street collection.  We also need somebody to design an A5 leaflet, a PA for the night, and outdoor lighting.  Can YOU help us to make this fabulous community event run without a hitch??  Please do get in touch:

Do your bit & get baking !


We’re very pleased to announce that a dedicated group of volunteers and local organisations has raised £7000 of the £10,000 needed, and the BWL steering group have taken the decision that the autumn term project in 7 Bedminster schools will go ahead,  and once again culminate in a spectacular illuminated parade – this year on Saturday 7 December.

BUT with the additional £3000 in mind, we’re still fundraising.  Several ways in which you can make a difference to that total during August are:

– shop at Asda and make sure you get a green disk at the checkout to put in the collection bin at the Customer Services Desk.  If BWL gets the most disks, we’ll raise £200!!

– come to a Tea Party  on the lawn of Watkins Solicitors – Saturday 17 August, 2 pm – 5 pm.  (Opposite North Street Green, on the North St/Luckwell Rd roundabout). 

– donate a CAKE, small cakes or scones  for the Tea Party:  just email

– lend a small table and/or chairs, tablecloths and crockery:  email as above

If you can’t do any of those things, how about holding a tea party of your own and charging friends and colleagues £5 as a contribution to the BWL funds?


Planning 2013

The BWL Steering Group are working hard at the moment to raise the £10,000 that’s needed to organise this year’s event, with the Parade which is scheduled for Saturday December 7th. Already we are halfway to reaching our target. Generous grants and donations so far have been received from the Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Partnership, Compass Point: South Street School and Children’s Centre, the South Bristol Co-operative Learning Trust, Watkins Solicitors, Paper Village and the first of our fund-raising tea parties run by a local resident – many thanks to one and all.


We want to repeat the three month project with artists in local schools and community centres culminating in the grand Parade of illuminated lanterns through the streets of Bedminster to our winter celebrations in the newly improved South Street Park. But we can only do it with the continued support of our community and sponsors. So what can you do to make this unique Bedminster based event happen once more?  If you can help or have suggestions as to how we can reach our target contact us via email:

Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade 2013

This spectacular event, free to everyone, is just the culmination of a three month project running in 7 Bedminster schools.    WOW is working again to raise the £10,000 required for 2013 – all help and/or ideas, big and small, would be very gratefully received. Email


Can you pick yourself out?

2 video clips below the first is a little 3 minute one and the second is 9 minutes.

Well, we’ve ‘been and done it’!

 As hundreds of people will testify, this year’s Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade was a huge success. What other event has all our local schools participating over 3 months, not only in making the finished shapes, but by parading them around crowd-lined Bedminster streets? How often do you see a giant octopus making its way down North Street behind a band dressed in pink? What other project involves people of all ages, local groups, organisations and even some businesses lending a helping hand to make it happen?And what other event can deliver Bedminster’s biggest lantern, the winter glowing Cameron Balloon?

Well it took a lot of hard work from a small team of volunteers and we couldn’t have done it without the assistance of our sponsors – our thanks to them – and our thanks to you if you dropped some money into our collecting boxes to ensure we could pay all our costs this time round!


It all seems to have been worth it. Here are some comments we’ve received over the last few days

“What a fab procession it was! A tribute to our community”  Helen

“No road closure, just sharing the space”  Alice

“So exciting, such beautiful lanterns”  acta


And even one from Bristol’s Mayor

“Brilliant Bedminster …..well done the schools and helpers involved – a real triumph” George


So where do we go from here? Well we’ve surely got to make the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade part of the annual local calendar but we’re going to need more people to help organise it and crucially more money from sponsors to pay for it. If you fall into either of those categories please get in touch in the usual way:  

It’ll Be All Light on the Night

Local people of all ages are hard at work in schools, community halls and even at home, making lanterns for this year’s Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade. One of the organisers, community artist Alan May says “the streets are going to be lit up with some amazing illuminated creations of every shape and size.” For anyone who still wants to make a lantern there are workshops on Saturdays 10.30 -12 at the actacentre, Gladstone Street and Saturday November 3 and December 1 at Compass Point Children’s Centre, South Street 10-12.

The Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade which will start at 4.30pm on Saturday December 8th from outside Compass Point School on South Street, will travel along, North Street, Dean Lane, Warden Road, East Street, British Road and back to Compass Point School where there’ll be food and seasonal music.


Weather permitting the event will finish with a performance involving Bedminster’s biggest illuminated lantern, courtesy of Cameron Balloons.

Winter lantern Parade – Gets off to a good start

– and will end, weather permitting, with a spectacular WINTER BALLOON GLOW provided by Cameron Balloons. Workshops have started in 5 local schools to produce the stunning illuminated lanterns that will process Bedminster streets for a truly spectacular event on Saturday 8 December.  There are also public workshops for individuals and community groups at Compass Point School in South Street on Saturdays 6 October and 3 November 10 am – 12, and public workshops at the acta Centre Gladstone Street on Saturdays 13 and 20 October, 3/10/17/20 and 30 November.   Come along if you want to make a lantern or join a group making one.    Look out for the next public meeting for volunteers helping with the event itself – marshalling, serving food, etc.  The Parade itself will be leaving Palmerston Street at 4.30 pm, and will return to Compass Point Playing Field/South Street Park for food and entertainment – plus, weather permitting, the first ever Bedminster Winter Balloon Glow.  If you want to get involved – or just keep up to date, but can’t make any of the sessions above  – contact