We need volunteers for the Lantern Parade

As you know, we needed a minimum of 60 volunteer stewards to allow the Lantern Parade to go ahead.  And, thanks to this brilliant community, we got enough people to do stewarding and bucket collecting. But, of course, with the date change, quite a few people can’t make it now.

And if we can’t get the numbers, we’ll be in a bit of a pickle. Well, a lot of a pickle, actually.

So this is a big shout out to ask if anybody is free to volunteer to be a steward or a bucket collector on Saturday 21st January? 

Could you be a steward?

The volunteer stewards will work in teams under Sector Chiefs and will help the smooth running and safety of parade and its participants, being a conduit for information on road closures to members of the public.

All we need is 4 hours of your time, during which you’ll meet with your Sector Chief and team before the start of the Parade, for a briefing to agree positions and pick up your high-viz jacket. 

You’ll then walk to your location with your team before the start of the Parade.  You’ll stand at your location for the duration of the Event, as advised by your Sector Chief, explaining road closures to members of the public.

For more information, read the full Volunteering Steward Role 2016 description.


How about being a bucket collector?

The bucket collectors are a vital part of the team, as they help raise the vital funds to ensure that we break even for the day (and if we get any surplus, we donate it to a local charity). Bucket collectors will walk through the crowds along with the Parade, carrying buckets for the crowds to lob their pennies into.  Again, you’d meet with the team coordinator before the event, to have a briefing, pick up your high viz and bucket, and then off you go!  

 If you think you can help us out and fancy a crack at either job, please get in touch with us at info@bwlp.org.uk, or contact us via our Facebook group

Love from the #bemmylanterns team x

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